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About Bounce Back

BounceBack Pilates is a small, private pilates studio which focuses on providing a holistic approach to physical health – incorporating Bowen Therapy, Massage, and Reflexology together with Pilates.

Over the 12 years of running my studio I have found that a one size fits all approach does not work for people and each client is treated individually and holistically.  A postural analysis is taken at the first session and the client is educated on the muscles responsible for his or her aches and pains and the whys are explained.  It is my firm belief that an educated client is one who will heal faster and experience the benefits more effectively.

Careful progress is made with each client and their health providers such as physiotherapists and chiropractors as well as neurologists are liaised with.

My life long passion for the human body lead me to study Personal Training at ETA (Exercise Teacher’s Academy). After completing my 2-year diploma I studied further in Special Populations, qualifying as a Specialist Fitness Trainer.  During the period I came across Pilates and fell in love!  Pilates is remarkable in correcting postural issues, helping the body heal by teaching it to hold itself correctly, and in enhancing flexibility and in turn sporting performance. I studied at Top Condition SA under Andrew and Debra Gush and went on to do a 2-year stint in Body Conditioning under the indomitable Pat Gush. My background could not have come from a better family of teachers.

In the following years I have attended many workshops relating to fascia, flexibility, muscle activation, and Anatomy Trains, to name a few. I have studied Thai yoga massage the stretches of which lend themselves beautifully to incorporation into Pilates. Sports massage and HawainLomiLomi massage are part of my tools that I utilise to ease aching, stiff muscles.

Bowen Therapy entered my life in about 2013 and has perhaps been the most incredible addition to my studio.

I am also a Therapeutic Reflexologist and will be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council. 

All of the above have given me an outstanding, all-round knowledge of the human body and its functioning – from a Western medicine perspective to the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. By incorporating these into my practice, my clients are guaranteed a holistic approach to their strengthening and overall health.  No session need ever be wasted as even when in great pain, a massage or Bowen session will always come to the rescue. My passion for good nutrition is also important in my dealings with my clients and to this end, I try to educate them towards healthier eating habits and avoidance of chronic ill health.


  • Top Condition SA -Pilates 2005
  • ETA Diploma Exercise Specialist 2004
  • Association of Golf Fitness Professionals – Advanced Levels 1 and 2 2012
  • Association of Golf Fitness Professionals – Golf Injury Workshop 2011
  • Academy of Bowen Therapy – Bowtech 2014
  • International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy – 2017
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